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Dare to Emanige Church, Inc., established on November 30, 2014, started when Mr. Kevin and Kimiya Johnson invited 20 people to their homes to hear the vision of God to a church around the modern Christ in Philadelphia.

Established in 2014


Our mission is to link people to Jesus Christ, to imagine a better life, to give them the courage to live!

Johnson, a visionary leader, a follower, and an architect, Dr. Kevin R., is a proven executive who transforms an organization into an innovative, high-performance, financially sound, and pioneering organization. Dr. Johnson is the founder lead of the Dea Dea Deah Imagine Church, working on a comprehensive community development. In five years, we started with 20 people at home and established a department with more than 1,000 members on the campus of Philadelphia with 2.2 million dollars and 6.8 acres. Dr. Johnson is the founder and president, & It's also possible. CEO & I served as president. Bridge of Hope Community Development Corporation's CEO and Goldenberg Group built a $100 million 14-story student apartment for Temple University.

Kevin J.
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