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Pierce Law Company specializes in the Personal Injury and Employment Law, and believes that it will work toward reconciliation while actively preparing for trial. The Edith Pearce has a competitive advantage by maximizing case resolution and customer recovery. Pierce, a lawyer for an insurance company, and two legal firms at the Legal Affairs Office, have spent nearly 10 years helping to gain in-depth knowledge of insurance and legal counsel.

Established in 2002


Injury, car accident, bicycle & amplifier; Pedestrian accident, slip & amplifier; fall

Very smart (she is a member of MENSA), a talented and wounded lawyer, Eds A. Pierce is a famous legal expert who appeared on various TV programs including ABC's Wally Kennedy Show It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle and Philadelphia Legal View. Edith also consistently " Super Lawyer " It is published as . 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The Super Alcohol designation is granted to only 5% of lawyers in Pennsylvania, based on a survey of over 34,000 lawyers across the state. Edith Pierce received the highest rating (AV rating) from Martindale-Hubbell, the highest personal injury lawyer. The AV rating is " is the highest level of professional skill and integrity, " Represents an attorney with a. Of the ten lawyers, only two of them are given the prize money.

Edith P.
business owner





If there are ten stars, Edith will take them out of this client, here!  Amazing, kind, honest, nasty,, lawyer.
I was really scared when I was hit by a car and my ankle broke.  I also felt very sorry for the idea of "appealing to someone."  I thought it was people trying to escape something.  My boyfriend said, "I have to call a lawyer and another good friend.
I am sorry to say that I did not go to a bad company because I had a terrible inhuman experience with them.
From the beginning, I was comfortable, touching, literally prioritized...  She immediately took me to the office, and within a few days she took me to the doctor and to the expert, and reasoned that all my medical papers (pretty big) be put off until my case was solved.  She then went to work by magic.

What I felt was the thorough and diligent pursuit. To be honest, lawyers are responsible for how many projects they do. I'll follow you first.  I never had to  Call Edith once and see what happened to my case.  

I was called to periodically update what would happen and what would be needed next. And everything was sent together within a few months, to be honest, faster than I thought.  I never thought I would be reconciled, but Edith received the best reward from other insurance companies, my injuries, and from both companies, but I never thought I was qualified to receive it.  I couldn't believe it - I really appreciate it and I'm really grateful to have found her.

When I received my payment, she called me back to the office earlier than she thought.

The wonders of her service.  Her 'bedside manner' is also very sensitive, kind, considerate and kind.  Since when? ?

I hugged you on my way out of the office.  I would like to reassess this incredible lawyer highly for any personal injury or other case.  She went out of her office, like everyone else.

They no longer create such a professional.

With sincerity,
Jennifer N.

12/28/2020 06:02am



I recommended Eddie to one of my clients in CPA practice. Our customers were treated with respect and professional courtesy, and for many years we were satisfied with the service from beginning to end. It's okay for you because I leave my customer in this company.

12/28/2020 04:02am